What We Learned From Studying 50 White Label SEO Tools

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In a recent campaign, we wrote a long form piece of content ranking some of the best white label SEO tools of 2019.

In the process we looked at every major category of tool, including

-Auditing Tools

-Reporting Tools

-Dashboard Tools

-Analytics Tools

-And entire white label SEO platforms

While we’ve used white label tools here at Nosferdatum, they have usually performed the role of other SEO and marketing tools (and just coincidentally happened to be white label).

When combing through trial accounts of scores of white label tools at the same time, we began to see the true power of white label for advancing your freelance or agency business.

Below we’re going to outline some of our main takeaways from our research on the best white label SEO tools of 2019.

White Label SEO Tool Pricing for 2019

Generally speaking, white label tools are substantially cheaper than developing even a portion of the functionality presented in them in-house.

Even the most expensive of the white label tools we surveyed would be paid for with a few standard hourly rate hours in an agency setting. (For the record, the average billed hour for agencies in large markets is $300/hr, while smaller markets may range from $99-$225).

For the record, the most expensive white label SEO platform we reviewed can in at $1,299 a month. This doesn’t include the rates of several white label SEO tools that provide on-demand outsourcing and outsourcing management. Which can obviously cost a good deal more depend on the number of outsourced workers you contract.

For entry-level plans in nearly every category of white label SEO tools, the max price was around $200.
Among our major categories of white label SEO tools, pricing ranged between the following numbers (per month):

White Label SEO Platforms

  • Minimum Price: $23
  • Average Price: $266
  • Maximum Price: $1,000’s
White Label SEO Dashboards
  • Minimum Price:$20
  • Average Price: $59
  • Maximum Price: $203
White Label SEO Analytics Tools
  • Minimum Price: $99
  • Average Price: $284
  • Maximum Price: $450
White Label SEO Reporting Tools
  • Minimum Price: $49
  • Average Price: $339
  • Maximum Price: $1,299
White Label SEO Auditing Tools
  • Minimum Price: $29
  • Average Price: $105
  • Maximum Price: $249

Tactics for Employing White Label SEO Tools

In working with so many tools, we were also exposed to a wide range of educational and marketing materials,as well as being in a position to identify synchronicity between tools. This led to the formulation of several use cases in which white label tool sets would work particularly well together.

Use Case 1: Audit Outreach and Citation Clean Ups

A number of the white label SEO auditing tools we reviewed has some particularly compelling outreach use cases. In particular, many white label SEO auditing tool services include:
  • Functionality for pasting an “audit my site” tool on your site.
  • Functionality for inputting characteristics of potential clients with the auditing tool automatically auditing similar sites and sending you a potential outreach message.
It’s been proven time and time again that it’s easier to close on a client with hard data about their site. Starting a conversation with potential clients with individualized data about their sites or campaigns is quite a boost. The second component of this use case comes in the form of citation clean up tools. Oftentimes outsourced add-ons (or at times automated tools) that are part of white label SEO platforms, citation clean ups are some of the easiest ways to show immediate progress for a local SEO client. By automating and outsourcing outreach, initial benchmarketing for clients, and a meaningful initial campaign (centered around citation management), you can onboard more clients than ever at very little cost to yourself.

Use Case 2: Aligning SEO with Business Objectives

The first thought many with experience with white label SEO tools is reporting and analytics. As with everything digital marketing, analysis and reporting are a huge part of pretty much every subset of white label tools. Today, white label tools connected to your data stream are more extensible, have more intuitive interfaces, and provide more analysis potential than ever before. When you’re looking at analytics, dashboards, or reporting tools (all of which are often bundled), be sure to look for the following:
  • Tools that provide a wide range of built-in data integrations
  • Tools that provide the ability to integrate custom data streams
  • Tools that provide API access to build analytics and reporting into more custom solutions
Turns out, many of the top white label analytics and reporting tools available today offer all three aspects of functionality above. In this case, you have options. Using white label tools is all about deciding what you should spend your time on, and what you should leave to specialists. In the case of analytics and reporting with the above functionality, you can:
  • Provide an entirely prebuilt solution (data integrations and presentation)
  • Provide unique value through integrating custom data (your own or your client’s)
  • Or go full custom, relying on the basic architecture of your white label tools, and choosing whether to keep or lose default presentation, reporting, etc.
Needless to say, many, many agencies utilize white label SEO tools. Within a white label ecosystem, tools are often wielded better by those that didn’t make them. In talking with several white label tool producers in the course of our research, each had stories of top notch agencies cited as providing services “way ahead of the rest of the field.” Turns out, they’d be using slightly customized white label tools shared by hundreds of agencies.

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